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Sarah Aldrich Pilates New Haven

50 Elm Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510 | (203) 787-8FIT

Clients seeking reformer partners!

Anyone consider themselves an advanced beginner/intermediate client and looking to join a duet/trio equipment session? We have an opening Wednesdays at 10am so please email if you’re interested.  

12pm mat class is on today!

  Confounded by the snow? Your fearless pregnant pilates leader will be teaching the 12pm mat class so if you’re in the area, come by and we’ll blow off some steam together. We might even do some primal screaming during the hundred.

Massage therapist joins Aldrich Pilates

Feeling chilled and annoyed by the blustery wind and snow? This should warm your spirit! We are SO JAZZED to let you know that starting April 1st-ish the fabulous massage therapist Hannah Proch of Maitri Massage will be joining our crew of practioners at 50 Elm St. Now we offer Pilates, PT, Massage, Rolfing, Cranialsacral… [Read more...]